B-KOOL cooling gel (200 grams)


SKU : 04997(200g.)

Size 200 grams, gel texture from Germany. Film from Japan Use to keep cool instead of ice. Does not dissolve into water Convenient to use Free from chemicals Safe for food, can be reused as often as needed.

Categories : Accessories Cold Pack

Brand : B-KOOL


cooling gel 

  • Gel from Germany
  • Film from Japan
  • Use to keep cool instead of ice. Does not dissolve into water Convenient to use
  • Free from chemicals safe for food
  • Can be reused as often as needed.
     Size 200 grams       Size 11x17.5x1cm   

How to use

  • Wipe dry and lay the gel flat. Before putting in the freezer
  • Soak in the freezer for 8-10 hours or 1 night until the gel inside is hard. 
  • Bring food/drinks/items that need to be refrigerated. Packed into a cooler bag / ice bucket / foam box with cooling gel.  
  • When the cooling gel The cold is gone. Put it back in the freezer as before. to be used next time

 Recommendations for use 
  • Gel must be used in a no frost refrigerator.
  • Be careful of sharp objects touching the gel, it may tear the gel.
  • Do not eat
  • Avoid sunlight
  • To extend the life of the gel even longer. It is recommended to put the gel in a ziplock bag.
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