Sclub B-KOOL cooler bag



Holds 5 4oz milk bottles, keeps cold at 12.8°C for 22 hours.


Categories : B-KOOL Mom&Kid

Brand : B-KOOL


Sclub B-KOOL cooler bag

compact size, can keep cold 12.8°C for 22 hours, can
store 5 4oz bottles / 4 8oz bottles (horizontal) / 6 breast milk bags

Special when buying a B-KOOL cooler bag,

  get free B-KOOL Cold Pack, gel texture from Germany, 2 pieces, worth 380 baht, can
keep cold 12.8°C for 22 hours.

 Free temperature gauge from England, 1 piece,
valued at 420 baht

1.Holds 5 4oz milk bottles / 4 8oz milk bottles (horizontal position) / or 6 breast milk bags
(with space for artificial ice and 2 more cold pack gels)

2. Daytime, size 550 ml, can get 2 boxes

3.Can be carried / can be attached to a stroller



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