Cosmedic B-KOOL cooler bag



Cosmedic, which comes in Look, can store 4 breast milk bags / can store cosmetics, keep cold 11.9 degrees for 17 hours.


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Brand : B-KOOL


Cosmedic B-KOOL cooler bag, new model,
available in 2 Look, can store 4 milk bags/cosmetics, small size, easy to carry.

Special when buying a B-KOOL cooler bag,
 get free B-KOOL Cold Pack, gel texture from Germany, size 150 grams, 2 pieces  , keep cold 11.9 degrees for 17 hours


 free temperature gauge From England, 1 piece
, valued at 420 baht (so that mothers can rest assured that breastmilk is at a temperature below 15 °C)

 VDO B-KOOL Cosmedic

cosmedic blue

Inside image,
lined with cold insulation, thickness 10 mm.

with waterproof lining Can be removed for cleaning For easy cleaning when milk or food is spilled in the bag (patented product)

Holds 4 breast milk bags

or can store 2 bottles of 4oz milk

or store cosmetics such as eye cream/serum

Or store 1 box of food boxes, size 11.5 x 11.5 x5 cm.


Features B-KOOL Cold Pack 

  • Used to keep cold instead of ice. insoluble in water ease of use
  • chemical free food safe
  • They can be reused as often as needed. gel from Germany

How to use the gel together with the B-KOOL bag

  • bring cooling gel in a ziplock bag Soak in the freezer for 8-10 hours/1 night until the liquid inside is solid. and put it in a B-KOOL cooler bag (You can put it next to the milk bottle.)
  • The gel must be used with the refrigerator no frost only.
  • Put it in the storage compartment above the bag.
  • Bring chilled food/drinks/milk. packed in bag then close tightly
  • When the gel is completely cold To return to the freezer as before. to be used in the future
  • Should wipe the gel dry > Place the gel flat > Then pack the gel into a ziplock bag. Put in the freezer for 1 night before using it in the B-KOOL cooler bag.


Instructions for use

  • Be careful not to let the gel hit sharp objects. or fall from a high place while it's cold May cause breakage
  • In the case that the gel has been used for a long time (the cooling gel is reduced) by looking at the "temperature gauge", it is recommended to change the gel
  • should be wiped dry and placed Smooth the gel, put it in the freezer for 1 night before using it in the B-KOOL cooler bag.


How to clean the B-KOOL cooler
bag The outside of the bag can be cleaned with a damp cloth or a toothbrush. Because the material that makes the bag is a cloth that is easy to clean. B-KOOL Cooler Bag Do not wash it because washing will cause the bag to lose its shape. and insulation that keeps the temperature, it may not be able to keep cold




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