Little milk, how to stimulate it?

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Little milk, how to stimulate it?

Little milk, how to stimulate it?

Mother's milk production is a supply-demand process. If the baby sucks a lot, sucks often, a lot of milk will be produced. But if the baby sucks less, less milk is produced. Without stimulation, milk is not produced. which is a natural mechanism By the best way to stimulate milk This is the technique of fast sucking, frequent sucking, long sucking as follows:

● Fast sucking: When the baby is born within 15-30 minutes, the baby should suckle immediately to stimulate milk for the first time.

● Frequent sucking: The baby sucks often 8-12 times a day. times or as desired If the baby cries or hungry, suck immediately Or for breast pumping mothers, they want to pump milk in cycles.

● Suck for a long time, each time the baby sucks milk for a long time, about 15 minutes per side. should pump to clean the breast

That way, the milk will be produced consistently. Milk comes out fully. In the first 2-3 days after birth, the baby may suck less if stimulated by sucking quickly, sucking often, sucking for a long time, ensuring that there will be enough milk. and able to store milk for the children for a long time as well, and if the mother has to go out to work Or outside business, don't want to miss the breast pump cycle, must have this

B-KOOL cooler bag that keeps the temperature the best on the market. It is a helper in pumping milk for mothers to stock up for children to eat for a long time because mother's milk is the best food for the baby.

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