Mother's depression after childbirth

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Mother's depression after childbirth

Mother's depression after childbirth

Caring for a newborn can make you feel overwhelmed and overwhelmed by everything. Anxiety, insomnia, these symptoms may be postpartum depression.

Symptoms may range from the first 2-3 days after childbirth to 1-2 weeks, usually

● anxiety, mood swings

● feeling overwhelmed, annoyed

● sad, crying

● lack of concentration, insomnia

● unable to eat,

but if symptoms not recovered And more severe, there may be ongoing postpartum depression. Postpartum depression can occur and can be treated. Postpartum depression has severe symptoms. and longer, possibly lasting up to a year Symptoms usually show up in the first few weeks. Common symptoms include:

● severe mood swings. severe anxiety or have a state of panic

● feeling worthless, thinking that you are an inadequate mother

● crying a lot

● not feeling attached to your child

● feeling hopeless Thoughts of harming yourself and your children, death, and suicide

● Loss of appetite or unusual eating

● Trouble sleeping or sleeping too much

● Tiredness, loss of interest or pleasure in things you used to enjoy

● Separation Body Lack of interaction with family members or friends

●Confusion, difficulty concentrating,

see a doctor immediately when experiencing symptoms. or suspected of postpartum depression Feeling trouble doing daily activities or taking care of your child or thinking about harming yourself and your child.

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