Egg yolk is a food that young children should eat.

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Egg yolk is a food that young children should eat.

Egg yolk is a food that young children should eat. Because protein is an important part of children during 6 months, especially

6 month old children are developing their muscles. You should strengthen your baby's muscles with foods that are high in protein, such as half an egg yolk a day. Because egg yolk is a source of protein suitable for 6-month-old baby food, easy to eat, easy to digest, containing protein, vitamin A, vitamin E, iron helps nourish eyesight, skin and memory. It can be mashed together with vegetables or rice and another menu that does not have a lot of protein. Allergic, such as fish, liver is a good source of protein. suitable for children

It should also be fed mainly on breast milk. And supplement with various foods to complete the 5 food groups because mother's milk is the best food for children of this age. Helps strengthen the immune system. and health for children to grow up strong

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