When can a baby go out?

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When can a baby go out?

When can a baby go out?

It's almost the New Year's festival already. Your family is probably planning to go on vacation or go back to the provinces and spend time with your family, right?

Any housewife whose children have grown up will definitely be busy packing luggage that is necessary for traveling,

but mothers with small children may worry about when to take the baby out of the house.

Today, I brought good tricks for mom. how to prepare

1. Babies in the first 3 months should mainly keep the baby in the house because their immunity is still low. Go outside as much as it is necessary.
2. But if during 4 -6 months or more, the burden of the baby can begin to go out because the body and immunity are ready and have received some vaccines. But still avoid crowded places. or a place with a lot of people

But if necessary or have the opportunity to really take the children to travel Mother must be prepared.

1. Prepare necessary items whether it's food, milk and medicine, luggage, clothes, wet tissues
. There must be a breast pump and equipment for pumping milk.
3. The indispensable thing is a cooler bag. Which must keep the temperature below 15 degrees,
the B-KOOL cooler bag is a helper to keep breast milk at a safe temperature and also has a function to store various belongings for the baby. outing

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