The color of breast milk is another color. Will the child be able to eat it?

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The color of breast milk is another color. Will the child be able to eat it?

1. Green Breast Milk
Caused by eating green foods like Green leafy vegetables such as spinach, gourd, and some herbs can also cause your breast milk to turn green. 2.

Pink, Orange and Red Breast Milk
If breast milk is pink, orange and red, it is caused by eating foods like beets. Roots, carrots, orange juice, or other colored foods.

3. Brown breast milk. or red with blood
caused by the presence of blood mixed in milk Which sometimes may be brown or red. Seeing milk like this may be caused by cracked nipples. or broken capillaries This milk is harmless and takes about 2-3 days for symptoms to improve.

In addition, the change in breast milk color may be caused by Rusty Pipe Syndrome or inflammation within the breast. If it takes time and the symptoms do not improve, you should see a medical professional immediately.

4. Black breast milk
If the color of breast milk is black Most of them are caused by the mother taking antibiotics such as Minocycline. The color of the breast milk will look darker. Normally, if the mother takes this drug, breastfeeding is not recommended. Therefore, mothers must always tell the doctor that they are breastfeeding before taking any medication.

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