raining your child to speak by age

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raining your child to speak by age

Training your child to speak by age 

Babies will start cooing from the age of 2-3 months and will continue to develop memorization of vocabulary and pronunciation until the age of 3, but many people have problems. and worried that the child would speak too slowly or not Today, I brought you a trick to train your child to speak since he was small.

- Repeat and say the name of everything that the child touches or is interested in.

- Read the story to the child. Or have an interactive call

- sing together

- use different tones to attract attention.

Let's try to apply tricks that are easy to do. In addition to other skills such as muscles that everyone considers important Speaking skills are equally important to me. It was during childhood that children the more you have to learn Close supervision is a good thing. In addition, taking care of the food for the baby is even more necessary to develop various skills, so it is important to eat and drink breast milk for as long as possible.

But B-KOOL mothers have no worries. When it comes to breast milk, let B-KOOL take care of it because B-KOOL's cooler bag stays cold for a long time and keeps the cold at a safe temperature. Ready to be a helper in preserving breast milk so that it can be passed on to children in a stable way. and the most useful

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